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Welcome to Joe Jacobs Watercolors and Lorann Jacobs Original Bronze Sculptures

About Joe

Joe Jacobs, born in 1948 in rural York County, with a background in Business and Accounting, has been involved in the art world for fifteen years. Motivated and self-taught, his love of his rural background can be seen in his watercolors and writings of farm scenes and cows. His keen knowledge of the anatomy of his subjects underlies the subtle layering of his colors.

Joe's works are on display in shows in Connectuit, New York, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and his native Pennsylvania. He has sold works in Allentown and Delaware also. Throughout the year his works can be seen at Cherry Lane in Dallastown, home of his studio. He invites the public to tour during the annual Open House, or by appointment.

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About Lorann

Lorann Jacobs has been working in bronze for the last twenty years. She has choosen bronze because of its permanent nature. Many of her pieces are made for outdoors. Currently she is completing a life size fireman for the Fireman's Memorial Park in Rutherford New Jersey, a Civil War mother and daughter and a life-size Abraham Lincoln in her studio. Also, the "Children's Please Museum" in Philadelphia has made plans to include one of her rabbit pieces in their new building.

Lorann K. Jacobs' formal art training includes the Maryland Institute of Art and Design in Baltimore, Maryland. She attended the York College of Pennsylvania where she studied under Zoel Burickson. She has receive instruction in welding and brazing. Her greatest teacher has been experience. She enjoys great technical knowledge and has an understand of the technical progress and also does her own patinas.

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