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  • Born June 28, 1948
  • Married, Mother of two daughters and grandmother to two granddaughters
  • Interested in the Arts and Collectibles, enjoys gardening and attending antique auctions and shows.
  • Enjoys having people visit her gallery and the gardens that surround it.
  • Each year she plans to add new pieces to the sculpture Garden at her residence and Gallery in Dallastown, Pennsylvania.



  • Leo the Lion commissioned by the Education Foundation for the Red Lion High School's new addition
  • Young David with Lambs for the outdoor Memorial Garden at Trinity Lutheran Church in Camp Hill, PA
  • An Eagle, Three men and One Woman commissioned by the York Area Labor Council to commemorate workers and displayed at the York Industrial Museum, PA
  • Three civil war era women commemorate the first Memorial Day in Boaisbury, PA, near State College, PA
  • A Little Girl with a Sun Hat for the city of York's new outdoor sculpture garden hawk for St. Joeseph's Preparatory School in Philadelphia, PA
  • John De-Barbodillo Plaque for York YMCA, 2001
  • Dr. Fulton Memorial Unity Church of York, PA S. George St.
  • Designed and cast a fountain for the "Prince of Peace" Church on Baltimore Street in Gettysburg, PA with the Garden Club from the church
  • A six foot fireman for the Rutherford Fire Department in Rutherford, NJ for their Firemen Memorial Park
  • Currently working on a 14 foot WWII memorial to be erected in the square of York, PA. It depicts a bald eagle pulling an American flag over a 16 ton black granite base.


  • Lorann annually exhibits and takes part in numerous Art Shows in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, New York, Delaware and Connecticut
  • Currently exhibiting with her watercolorist-husband, Joe Jacobs, at York Art Association
  • She has been involved in Gallery shows in the Philadelphia and Lancaster areas and has sold art through numerous galleries
  • She frequently holds shows, opened to the general public, at her Gallery in Dallastown and invites a guest artist